Welcome to Average Cohabiting Chump, the new wordpress blog from yours truly, workshy joe.

My old blog, The Unambitious Male will stay up both as an archive and for the sake of redundancy, if anything goes wrong with this one.

I was a disillusioned, pissed off and above all Gameless single man when I registered the domain name for my old blog.

I was inspired by the famous Dave Chapelle routine that identified the root cause of male status seeking and ambition as a desire to impress women.

If a man could fuck in a cardboard box, he wouldn’t buy a house.

Certainly, popular culture and anecdotal evidence suggested that good looks, wealth and status were what women looked for in a man.

That wasn’t very encouraging to me given that I was fugly, poor, unemployed at the time and my preferred job was very low status (security guard).

Fugliness could be mitigated to some extent (working out, personal grooming, clothes, etc) and I still try to do the best I can with the genetic hand that nature has dealt me.

But what about the money and career angle?

I didn’t want to end up like my late father (God Bless Him). He had the high status job, the company car, the nice house and yet I don’t think he was actually happy. He was always trying to please someone else. My mother, his employer, his new girlfriend after my parents divorced. He died after less than a year of medical retirement.

So I took my first step towards Game by saying to the world:

Here I am bitches. Take me as I am. Like it or fuck off.

Learning about Game was horrible for me. I cringed at the realisation that what I always thought were my strengths were actually my weakness and vice versa.

I felt that they should have taught me all this in school. But then I remembered that aside from reading, writing and arithmetic, they never teach you anything useful in school.

This blog is aimed not just at helping the Average Frustrated Chump, but also the Ghost and the Average Cohabiting Chump as well.

The key thing that I want from this blog is feedback from readers. Questions, comments, suggestions. This isn’t just a “Dear Diary” experience for me. Its a dialogue.

So put your fingers to the keyboard and let me know what’s on your mind.


16 Responses to “Orientation”

  1. Finally, I can comment on your blog again. Welcome to WordPress.

  2. Welcome to WordPress Joe!

    • Thanks. I still have some noob questions about wordpress, but in true man-fashion, I’m going to see if I can work it on my own first. Ha ha!

  3. Good stuff. I hope this blog turns out well.

  4. Nicky G Says:

    Like the new site

  5. David Says:

    Your theory that women are attracted to men who
    are passionate about writing, or all the other
    things you wrote about in your previous blog
    is interesting. This is apart from the the well-known attractive traits: tall, dark, handsome,
    wealthy, high-status, witty.

    In most relationships, there’s a quid pro quo of
    give and take, sometimes hopes or expectations
    that the other person will change some way
    or to the contrary not change some way, and so

    When mentioning you mentioned your father,
    I thought it might have something to do with
    him maybe “not finding his bliss”, as
    Campbell used to say.

    You wrote:
    “Learning about Game was horrible for me.”

    I’d be interested if you could explain this
    further, or maybe just post links to
    previous blog posts where you explained



  6. […] left an interesting comment that relates both to that post and Rachel Nico’s Killer Question. Your theory that women are […]

  7. Nice page, and great post

  8. I been gone for so long didnt know you had a new blog…lol I love the quote. Why we get hair cuts, buy nice cloths, get high paying jobs…All for that vajayjay.

    • Yeah, blogger wasn’t working out for me. Btw, I’ll add 2cent tab to my blogroll.

      • We are trying to make the move as well…Not exactly sure what the next move is but we would like to have a blog totally independent. I’m trying to brush up on my code writing so we can have total ownership.

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