Rivelino Broke The Mould

He’s already on my blogroll and if you haven’t visited his site before then check him out.

The really innovative thing about Riv’s blog is the way he uses the medium. I’ve isolated four key elements of his blog’s popularity.

1. Riv uses wordpress like most people use twitter.

I didn’t get it at first. I thought he had ADD or something. Although Riv does have a separate twitter account, a typical blog post will be something along the lines of “Does Kate Middleton have a big jaw or what?” with a photo to accompany it.

Does anyone update their blog more often than Riv?

Some of his posts don’t attract any comments, but that hardly matters. If you’re posting three or four times a day, the readers have a rich buffet of subject matter to comment on.

2. Riv bares his soul.

Some people are surprised by how candid I am about my relationship with Jane given that she knows about my blogging. Riv goes much further in the confessional department. He doesn’t self-censor. Just recently he took alot of flak from some his commentariat for it.

I don’t think that Riv is unusually dark in his thought processes. But he is unusually honest and introspective.

3. He’s on a journey.

Riv is a work in progress. He doesn’t try to present himself as the finished product. He muses, conjectures, speculates, analyses and sometimes resolves to change.

4. He has a symbiotic relationship with his commentariat.

Susan Walsh examines the addictive appeal of Riv’s blog in terms of the ongoing dialog between him and the “Zen Master” Yohami.

One of the principle sources of posts for Riv is the comments of his previous posts. That’s one thing that I have tried to implement myself.

A while back I thought that I might have said everything I needed to in a blog. Facing a blank screen I appealed for new subject matter. Although I did get some new material, I’m begining to think that Riv’s approach to fruitful dialog is the best.

Your thoughts Readers?


9 Responses to “Rivelino Broke The Mould”

  1. I don’t think I’ve read him before, but I’ll definitely check it out…Sometimes I feel like using my blog like Twitter, that’s pretty much what Perez does, but baring my soul is hard (especially if I get into the real truth).
    I try to be as PC as possible with hopes that my blog can be a type of portfolio if i ever decide to pursue Journalism.

    • Rachel, even if you look at it strictly from a career point of view, I don’t think conformism is the way to go.

      Newspapers are going belly up left and right. There’s a good reason for that. Most of the time they print total crap.

      If I want to get the real story on a subject I go straight to the internet – not the dinosaur media.

      I think you have a unique voice and you shouldn’t be afraid to use it. If you want to leverage your writing into a business or career, forget about being PC to please the dead tree media pimps.

      Do what Athol Kay and Nick Krauser are doing. Convert your online material into print via Createspace or Lulu and promote it yourself online.

  2. I agree that Riv’s approach is compelling, and I would be very interested to hear your insights as well. From a female perspective, it’s just fascinating to get inside the head of a male – any male.

    I will say that Riv’s blog reads like a soap opera – when he fails to give updates on chicks, or has little new to report, his regulars start asking him about it. His general musings are sometimes interesting, sometimes not. I loved his “photography lesson” post. But his bread and butter is field reports, and most of his male commenters comment on those, not the other stuff.

  3. P.S. Thx for the link!

    • You’re welcome Susan.

      Please don’t forget to replace The Unambitious Male link in your blog with one to Average Cohabiting Chump instead.


  4. With so many different blogs to keep up with I can’t do Riv too often. I get left behind and don’t have the time to catch up. I actually recommended he use twitter more often instead of creating new posts every 5 minutes, but I guess it’s his way. Riv, you’re crazy.

  5. I think an additional appeal is he encourages people to mentor him / advise him so lots of commentors get an ego boost from being mini-gurus.

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