Careful With The Smile

Ricky Raw tipped me off to an interesting article today via Twitter.

ScienceDaily (May 24, 2011) — Women find happy guys significantly less sexually attractive than swaggering or brooding men, according to a new University of British Columbia study that helps to explain the enduring allure of “bad boys” and other iconic gender types.

Makes sense. Consider this photo of British actor Sean Bean in the historical drama Sharpe:

I’m going to ask my female readers to form an opinion of his looks now, OK?


Now here is a photo of the same guy in a suit with a big smile on his face:

Not so sexy now, is he ladies? What happened there exactly?

In layman’s terms he stopped smouldering.

The study found that women were least attracted to smiling, happy men, preferring those who looked proud and powerful or moody and ashamed. In contrast, male participants were most sexually attracted to women who looked happy, and least attracted to women who appeared proud and confident.

Alot of you are probably saying “no shit Sherlock” and wondering why such a study was even necessary in the first place.

However, the pretty lies brigade won’t like to admit that there is a such a massive difference between the sexes.

However, not all smiles are beta. The cocky smirk, sneer or “shit-eating” grin can still work to a man’s advantage:

Pattinson may have a face shaped like a foot but he’s got the Alpha facial expression down to a Tee.


11 Responses to “Careful With The Smile”

  1. “… like a foot”!

  2. Hughman Says:

    My mom always told me to smile more.

    I did. Oh look, I’m a pathetic beta that’s submissive.

    Fuck that shit. Anything a woman does, I smirk or do a sly chuckle if I’m feeling generous. The exception is to occasionally use a proper smile/laugh when she actually does something cool, or submits totally to me

  3. This is interesting because before I was enlightened by the manosphere I had set a goal for myself to go out and be social, go to bars, get in shape, ect, and one thing I ALWAYS did was make sure to smile, and guess who never got laid, ever. I would go to the bar or lounge, post up, looking good, and would smile the whole time to look “fun” and never got any play, barely any eye contact.

    Flash forward to this past Cinco de Mayo I was at a bar after a 15 hour work day, worn out, beat down, smelling like ass, feeling like ass, no smile, just a shitty margarita. I watched as the girl I was starring at across the bar started getting all giddy and tapping her friends to show them that I was looking at her, and a few minutes later some drunk asian girl literally threw herself at me.

    I didn’t get it at the time, I figured my down trodden and overall “grumpy” demeanor should’ve been a turn off. Makes more sense now.

    • Indeed.

      Likewise, guys who don’t smile or look at the camera on POF will do better than the average chump.

      Same thing with primates. Monkeys who are submitting to other monkeys display a “social rictus”.

  4. Phoenix Says:

    If I smirk, I always arch my eyebrows first. It’s like a devil’s grin. Chicks usually say ‘oh no, what now?’ when I do this to them.

  5. Dang, and I thought my customary smirks and brooding looks were unattractive. But in retrospect, all the girls who’ve given me IOIs were the ones I never tried to be nice and smiley with . And all the girls who then stopped IOI signalling were the ones I tried to interact with in my cloying nice-guy manner. ( 22y/o Beta in recovery ) It’s time to move on.

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