Science Pwns The Gender-Neutral Brigade

Its no secret to peeps on the manosphere that the subjective experiences, emotions and desires of the two sexes are world’s apart.

However, pointing out the stunningly obvious – that men and women are different – doesn’t sit well with the gender-neutral ideology of websites like Baggage Reclaim that are aimed squarely at women trying to figure out their relationships with men.

A recent study has shown that even the stress response activates different parts of the brain for men and women.

When the scans were completed, neuroscientists consistently found differences between the men’s stressed-out brains and the women’s. Men responded with increased blood flow to the right prefrontal cortex, responsible for “fight or flight.” Women had increased blood flow to the limbic system, which is also associated with a more nurturing and friendly response.

This is definitely borne out by my own anecdotal experience.

Delusion Damage
talks about the balance between “map” and “territory” when telling a story. Women tend to focus on the map (motives). Men tend focus on the territory (facts).

If you’re telling a story like “I woke up and then I ate ice cream and then I went to work and then I attended a meeting and then I wrote a report”, listeners will kill themselves. It’s all territory. If you tell it like “I was sullen at first and thought life was unfair but soon I felt great and satisfied and thought it was a beautiful day but then I started getting depressed and bored and thinking if there’s any point to any of this and during the day I got really sad as I wondered what I was doing with my life”, listeners will kill you. It’s all map and you sound like a crazy person (hint: this is a big factor in why men think women are crazy).

Maybe these basic sex differences could have alot to do with patterns of brain activation?

Ladies, have you ever noticed the startled “what the fuck?” response you get from a man when you say something open-ended like “we need to talk…”?

Pre-frontal cortex.

Gentlemen, have you ever thought that women have a tendency to endlessly chase their tails, going round-and-round in ever decreasing circles?

Limbic system.


11 Responses to “Science Pwns The Gender-Neutral Brigade”

  1. “We need to talk” is one of the most bastardly things women say.

    It means they want to talk about “feelings” and what you’re thinking and why you’re behaving differently and all this touchy feely stuff that none of us men ever feel like talking about.

    It’s stupid.

    • Its a dicey one because when a women says that its either going to turn into a Jerry Springer moment (if you’re unlucky) or a game of “I can’t make my mind up about anything” (if you’re lucky).

      As always, guys just need to keep calm and stick to their own frame of reference.

  2. Something that created a mind crater: a stab vest for the soft underbelly. Great post.

  3. What didn’t get mentioned in your excerpt (or in the article? I almost never RTFA):
    Pre-frontal cortex = rational thought, decide amongst options
    Limbic system = seat of emotions

    This is why, especially in crisis situations, women feel and men do.

  4. map and territory. very interesting

    In both examples the message was meaningless though.

    How about “I was born in Siberia, my parents are bank owners, I moved to NY and killed the governor and now I clean the toilets in prison. I will escape.”

    Thats territory but the history is compelling because the images have emotional / graphic interest, add hints of map

    “Life is sweet though.”

    and it gets tasty

    • That’s a good point.

      People will have images in their minds of what Siberia and NYC are like. They will want to know why you killed the governor and how you plan to escape.

      That’s true. The audience will conjure up their own map. Or ask about it.

      Its like a woman saying “I was sexually abused”. That could be a factual description, but its still emotionally loaded.

  5. TByte Says:

    Please stop using the term “Equalist” as if it is an extension of “Feminist”.
    It is not. Or at least, it should not be, and if we are persistent and consistent we can define it to mean “Equality of opportunity regardless of gender”, rather than the feminists mantra of “Equality of outcome for women only.”
    The term “equalism” is new, and is currently being defined within our culture. We have the opportunity now to establish a meaning for it that will represent equality of responsibility, equality of accountability, and equality of opportunity. Lets not pass this up, because a better term may not come along for quite some time.

  6. TByte Says:

    Thanks Joe! Let’s not cede the battleground of terminology and definitions to the one’s we are opposing! The term “Feminists” should be inclusive enough for their purposes, and ours.

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