Free Online Dating – You Have Been Warned.

Fellow manosphere blogger theprivateman claims to have engineered a soft harem using the free online dating site Plenty Of Fish.

If you ask me, that’s nothing short of a minor miracle. Its also a testament to his hard work, dogged persistence and never-say-die attitude.

But somehow I don’t think men will fare so well with the free online dating sites if they are looking for women in their 20s or 30s.

If you think that the woman (?) with the deep honking voice and her (mentally) sick friend are some kind of rare exeption, I would really urge you to mull it over.

You will never be judged more harshly than by the women who are looking at your online dating profile.

Thank God I’m not single anymore.

For those who are, both daygame and the bar scene have never looked so good by comparison.


24 Responses to “Free Online Dating – You Have Been Warned.”

  1. Herbal Essence Says:

    Egotistical princesses being egotistical.

    I’m not a huge fan of online dating either, but who cares how they judge us? We can judge them right back. Most female profiles on these sites are banal and hideous. And if some feminist or mangina says “U can’t talk about women that way” just show them this video.

    • Sure.

      My point is just that too many chumps waste time on these sites thinking that women using them are actually sincere about finding a man on there.

      Of course, they’re usually not. The hundreds of messages filling up their inbox serve only to validate these women (at best) or give them something to laugh at and feel superior to (at worst).

      I’m not saying that guys can’t meet women online. I met Jane online after all. But I am suggesting that the endless hours spent composing messages to women who don’t give a shit might be better spent on face-to-face sarging efforts.

  2. Hughman Says:

    There is harsh judgement. But you need to know what to do.

    PoF has given me one lay. Nothing amazing, about a 6, former fatty, but a proper sub, so interesting in bed.

    OKCupid is the best for me. Profiles are larger, allows for better verbal and indirect Game. So far: 1 lay (7), 1 fling (an HB8 American girl here for the year), and now a new semi-exclusive girl (8). Also forced to miss 2 easy lays/flings due to travel/time problems (a 7 and an 8). Also got 2 on the backburner when I get more time in the summer. (both 7s)

    To quote my current main girl, she was infatuated with me from the first time she read my profile. You have to have it tighter than a bull’s asshole in fly season. Every ounce of skill is required: confidence, cockiness, DHVing, agreed and amplify, good wit. Once you find the winning combo, you’re good to go

    • “Tighter than a bulls asshole in fly season”.

      Yes. I think that’s why most guys do so badly with online dating. Real life interactions allow for a greater margin of error.

      Btw, if you have any profile tips to share with the single guys reading this it would be cool to hear them.


      • Hughman Says:

        Show, not Tell. Basic principle 101. Hint at things that are DHV. Be aloof, be funny, be cocky.

        Your profile needs to avoid all the cliches unless you’re being ironic.

        Like under the profile title ‘Things I’m good at’ I have written down: Minimalism

        Under ‘Most Private Thing willing to tell’: “As a self confessed narcissist with delusions about my literary abilities, I rather like talking about myself” (the cliche is ‘I dont know what to write yadda yadda’)

        It needs to be longer than basic lists, but shorter than the average female profile you’re gunning for.

        Pictures: An aloof shot being alpha is a must. A cool hobby. And being the centre of attention. Having fun.

        For me, I’m in a suit, smirking, looking off to the camera’s side, whilst a cute friend has a thumbs up behind me (and it wasn’t staged either!). Another alpha pic, me with two hot friends thrown on me at a night out. A happy pic in the sun with my mates (doing tug of war). My paintballing, one shot of me being a ninja, another an artistic shot from the back, showing my mask

  3. Retrenched Says:

    This video should be required viewing for idealistic young betas.

  4. Hughman Says:

    Private Man has an excellent point. You still need to run IRL Game, even if you don’t get anything from it directly for when you get dates from online

  5. @Privateman: That’s a good idea. I think guys who like computers tend to under-estimate the total time they spend on these sites.

    • Hughman Says:

      I will point out my success is from high time investment. Average of 30 to 60 mins a week-night, 60 to 90 mins on weekend days. Set up in early December, didn’t get any results till January, then results suddenly went up April/May

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  7. Damn, those girls are both 6s at best. Is this the kind of ego inflation that online dating creates?

    • The one with the honking voice appears to have very high levels of androgens for a woman.

      She’s probably very randy but if you brought her home the neighbours would think you were gay from listening to her (?) moans of pleasure.

      The more feminine one has dyed black hair and painted on eyebrows which is a look that I see all too often here in Liverpool unfortunately.

      Both of them appear to be natives of the NY metro area and if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that neither of them are getting as much real life attention from men as they would like.

  8. It depends on what you are looking for. Women get hit on everyday. If they want a man strictly for the purpose of hooking up then they can find that at the store, school, ect. But if a woman is looking for a very specific type of relationship she can weed out what she wants and doesnt want online. She might find more success that way.

    • Judah, I don’t think that’s how women view online dating in 2011. They just don’t take it seriously AT ALL.

      They either treat it as a freak show (at worst) or an ego boost (at best).

      I seriously doubt that the hotties who are getting approached alot in real life would even consider online dating.

  9. Honestly I have hit some prime rib online back in the day. But I do agree its very rare and can also be subjective. Hot women dont need a site. But if a woman is willing to pay to find a certain man i.e. an eharmony type situation the percentage might go up as far as being hot.

  10. commenter99 Says:

    These girls are funny. Very NY types. You guys take this shit too seriously. they are just making fun of d-bags. Not saying they are a great catch or anything. But at least they have a sense of humor unlike a lot of girls.

    • Were there any guys on there they DIDN’T think was a douchebag?

      I take online dating just as seriously as the girls on that video. So why should any single man waste his time on that shit?

      • commenter99 Says:

        a single man shouldn’t that is the point. Online dating is a joke.

      • commenter99 Says:

        Online dating is joke for anyone under 35. I agree with you there.

  11. commenter99 Says:

    “Thank God I’m not single anymore.”

    Shame on you. Very needy.

    • Ha ha!

      I’m not needy, but I am LAZY.

      If my girl broke up with me tommorow I’m not sure if my first purchase as a single man would be Krauser’s new daygame book or a Fleshlight. Skirt chasing is WORK.

      One thing is certain: I wouldn’t waste ANY time with online dating!

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