Hughman’s Profile Tips

Commenter Hughman gave some interesting dating site profile tips for single guys on the comments of my last post.

Show, not Tell. Basic principle 101. Hint at things that are DHV. Be aloof, be funny, be cocky.

Your profile needs to avoid all the cliches unless you’re being ironic.

Like under the profile title ‘Things I’m good at’ I have written down: Minimalism

Under ‘Most Private Thing willing to tell’: “As a self confessed narcissist with delusions about my literary abilities, I rather like talking about myself” (the cliche is ‘I dont know what to write yadda yadda’)

It needs to be longer than basic lists, but shorter than the average female profile you’re gunning for.

Pictures: An aloof shot being alpha is a must. A cool hobby. And being the centre of attention. Having fun.

For me, I’m in a suit, smirking, looking off to the camera’s side, whilst a cute friend has a thumbs up behind me (and it wasn’t staged either!). Another alpha pic, me with two hot friends thrown on me at a night out. A happy pic in the sun with my mates (doing tug of war). My paintballing, one shot of me being a ninja, another an artistic shot from the back, showing my mask

Good stuff. Thanks Hughman. Single guys take note.


6 Responses to “Hughman’s Profile Tips”

  1. Hughman Says:

    I really should start blogging again -_-

    Thanks for the props Workshy Joe

    • You’re welcome. I look forward to reading your new blog!

      • Hughman Says:

        Feminist logic there! I don’t plan on blogging. When I did, it was just too forced, too much plagerism from the Masters. I prefer commenting – I learn from people’s blogs and their commentator groupies.

  2. @Hughman: Oh well, it was worth a try. Glad to have you on the ACC commentariat.

  3. There is a tight group of folks here with excellent input regarding online dating.

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