The Dark Side of LTRs

I got the idea for this post from the @GmacGame twitter feed. Gmac has a series of tweets that begin with the words “Dark Side of Game Realization”. I think he’s up to #7 now.

Gmac is a free-wheeling single guy based in Washington DC with a harem to manage. By contrast, I am a run of the mill English dude who lives with his girlfriend and has no other women on the side.

So I thought it might be funny to come up with my own series of realizations about LTRs. Please don’t take this post too seriously folks!

Dark Side of LTR Realizations

1. Its the same woman every day.

2. I might have this particular woman figured out, but in a new relationship I’d have to start all over again.

3. If I got dumped tommorow my first purchase as a single man would be a fleshlight rather than a book on daygame.

4. Doing half the chores and paying half the bills makes you lazy and smug.

5. The Shit Tests never end.

6. We don’t always like watching the same stuff on TV.

7. I still get more out of reading Roissy than Athol Kay.


21 Responses to “The Dark Side of LTRs”

  1. yeah. if you are mean / jerk enough when she misbehaves you can put 5. to rest most of the time, but she will still have her hormonal phases

    • I think Shit Testing happens when a guy appears weak or indecisive.

      But too many guys scratch their heads wondering “Is this a test?” when their girlfriend acts up rather than just focusing on their own frame.

      • my thing with shit tests is that most of them are not “tests” but the girl doing powerplays / manipulation to get away with something and blaming you while appearing as the good one herself. So if you try to “pass” that only means she tries again later. What works for me is to be ruthless and in your face when she tries something, like: hey, I dont tolerate that behavior.

      • Yohami, I think I’ll do a post on this one.

  2. LOL at the fleshlight comment.

  3. What I’ve found particularly interesting is the discovery that THEY don’t even know WHY they’re shit testing.

    My wife told me she didn’t care which way I drove to get to our destination and I told her I’d be turning right. She followed up with: “Yeah? Why? Not that I care, I just want to know.”


    Now this may not be a traditional species of Shittus Testus, but it’s a subtle maneuvering: will he come up with a “good” reason so that next time, I can trust his judgment? I don’t know, but I laughed when I suddenly realized the subtext of her question.

    • Yes!

      Jane likes to micro-manage or second-guess me sometimes. I used to get angry about that, but now I just tell her to look at my face. Then I’ll pull a “bitch are you for real?” type of facial expression. Make her laugh if I can.

  4. Lol at the “bitch are you for real” facial expression. I think we all use that one from time to time.

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  6. I just assume that when you link to me that you really like my stuff! 🙂

    • Athol, I applaud your success as an author and although we have different philosphies and outlooks on things, I’m sure there is plenty of common ground there as well.

  7. The main element of the dark side of LTRs is the feeling of fake security.

    • That’s certainly true of many couples. There really are no guarantees in life. If someone was to ask me: “will you still be with Jane in a years time?” I’d have to shrug my shoulders and say “we’ll see…”

      • Low testosterone and high serotonine and dopamine cause this feeling. I always try to keep high testosterone even if I don’t stay technically and physically “happy”.

        But you’re in, you can’t get out of the cycle right now.

      • So uncertainty about the future is a mark of low testosterone is it?

        I thought it was an indication of sanity.

      • No, I meant the feeling of (fake) security.

      • Sorry, I misunderstood.

        Yes. The very guys who think “my girlfriend would NEVER hurt me intentionally” are the ones who are most likely to get tooled.

      • For most modern chicks, a boyfriend is like a Facebook profile picture, you don’t know when she might change it to replace it with a better one.

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