Good Vibes, High Status & High Value

Rob left a great comment on my last post broken down into two parts.

Pre-game days I finally summoned the courage to ask a girl (a yearlong one-itis) for a coffee . She had given me a shitload of IOIs in class so I was very nervous in front of the pedestal. She gave me her number and I sent her a text that night . Mistakes I made :

1) Laughed too much, embarrassed her with a harsh neg, failed her shit tests, no kino, trembled, and did the ‘You want go out for a coffee sometime? ‘ (indecisive and vague)
2) She left before I did ( DLV)
3)In the text ‘ It was nice to see you today ‘ , a self-deprecatory remark and stupid joke. Punctuation and perfect spelling.

Her reply : ‘Thanks will text you about that coffee soon ‘ Haven’t heard a thing for more than a month .

Was that another shit test or just a flake? I assume a flake. Not sure what to do if she ever contacts me. She won’t. Damn.

This is a good illustration that a girl can be really into a guy in terms of his looks, but not like the vibe he gives off in person.

Rob was attractive enough for the girl he liked to go out with him in the first place, but she definitely picked up on his nerves and emotional state at the time. She didn’t like it one bit.

This is the point I decided to cut the crap with her and my beta manners . First thing I had to beat out of my brain is that you do not befriend before permitting yourself to flirt. Rationale: Beauty is virtue, ergo they want friendship>romance>hold hands> kiss > eternal love>consummation in intercourse. Yeah, I was romantic and thought lust inappropriate and vile without being friends first. Fuck social conditioning.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to discover this after 30. I am so dissillusioned now (no marriage, friendship, chivalry!?) that I am considering the MGTOW route; which is a beta move in itself at 22 and in Uni . I went to a party yesterday with all the game/psychology on my mind and got a completely different vibe of the compulsively drinking girls in skimpy dresses : they’re oozingly desperate and insecure . That’s what a dash of apathy reveals , complete role reversal. I talked to a girl about cats for 15 minutes and she was all over it. What the … no intellectual debates required? Trent was right : little puppy dogs is all it takes .

Rob raises an interesting question about social convention there. I have no way of knowing what this particular girl was looking for in terms of sex or relationships. For all I know, she might have wanted to go the traditional route that Rob described with an alpha male.

With regard to the question of chivalry, the most important thing a man has to establish is his value.

What’s the appeal to women of the knight in shining armour in the age of chivalry?

Its not the chivalry. Its the “knight in shining armour” part.

So how does a man establish his knight credentials?

This is where it gets a little weird. I think its important to distinguish between high status and high value at this point.

If you look at a stereotypical American college campus, the high social status guys are the atheletes, right?

Do they behave like apologetic betas or cock-of-the-walk alpha males?

No prizes for guessing the correct answer to that.

In the post college world, who are the high status guys?

That’s not as easy to determine. For any given workplace there will be a hierarchy, but what about strangers meeting in a bar who don’t work for the same company?

Then women will look for all kinds of status markers such as job title, what car a man drives, where he lives, his clothes, his friends, his behaviour, etc.

Now imagine that you have a guy with all the external markers of status without the attitude and swagger that normally accompanies it?

He would be screwed. Women would just assume that there was something deeply wrong with him. The case of Alex Reid is a good example of this.

Now imagine the opposite scenario with a guy who lives in his father’s basement, doesn’t own a car but still acts like he’s a rock star?

He would have it made. Women would ask him about his life, his experiences travelling the world, his job as a writer and look for reasons to like him. Roosh is a good example of that.

In terms of the MGTOW, I would strongly counsel ALL men in the Anglosphere against marriage in 2011 for both practical and political reasons.

But co-habitation and sex don’t have to be ruled out. Its really a question of what we want out of life. The key thing is that whatever we want, we don’t have to apologise for it.

In terms of intellectual debate, I think that Rob is right to surmise that puppy dogs and bright shiny objects are more important to most women. Although I dare say that there might be some exeptions to that in the upper echelons of academia.


6 Responses to “Good Vibes, High Status & High Value”

  1. Thanks ha. Got to cultivate that swagger ! Simply knowing more about Game has already meant a boost in confidence . It’s a question of maintaining that internal frame. I can’t revert to pre-game state anymore, but I don’t know how far I want to run with it either. I guess there’s enough time to find out. For a shy beta initially it’s akin to losing an integral chunk of one’s personality; listening to the Smiths is no longer what it used to be.

    ‘We don’t have to apologise for it .’ Ah, sage advice.

  2. As far as mistake #1,many guys I find do not know how to calibrate negs correctly.They over neg,or say shit that’s rude opposed to subtle.

    • True, but since Rob said this happened pre-Game I don’t think he was even trying to neg the girl. It just happened!

      Now I’m curious to know what he said and why he said it at the time.

  3. Inner Game first…

    If there is no successful inner Game, there is no point progressing.

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