Not Gay, Not Mexican, Not Beta?

The crowd chants, “Me-xi-co! Me-xi-co!” in an attempt to get the singer to acknowledge that the majority of the audience is Latino. He does. “I’m going to sing a couple of more songs,” he tells them, “then all of you can go back to Mexicali.”

And the Yuma Convention Center explodes. Only one white man in the world—and he’s not the pope — can tell a group of Mexicans in the United States to return to Mexico and not only avert death, but be loved for saying so.

His name: Steven Patrick Morrissey, former lead singer of the Smiths, current saint among countless young Latinos.

The article that quote is drawn from is a few years old now and the cross-cultural appeal of this androgynous Englishman isn’t easy to understand.

The speculation about Morrissey’s sexuality is more obvious. Journalists have asked him point blank if he was gay on many occasions and he has always refused to be drawn on the subject. He even played up the speculation by claiming to be asexual or belonging to a “fourth gender” – whatever that means!

No smoke without fire, right?

I think he is a closet case. Not a closet homosexual mind you. But a closet alpha male growing up in an age of feminist pretty lies and political correctness.

In terms of Smiths song lyrics, it seems to me that everyone is determined to grasp the wrong end of the stick.

It amazes me that people can listen to “How Soon Is Now?” and think that Morrissey isn’t highlighting the absurdity of the AFCs basic predicament.

Message: “Approach, You Chump”.

“Girl Afraid” is another very simple song about gender-based misunderstandings and missed opportunities.

Message: “Escalate, You Chump”.

“Bigmouth Strikes Again” highlights the dangers of being a passive- aggressive beta male in long term relationships. A man’s true feelings will always spill out eventually.

Message: “Be More Alpha”


10 Responses to “Not Gay, Not Mexican, Not Beta?”

  1. Lol,this post made me laugh like hell.Steven got balls.Anyway,nice blog bro’.

  2. Ok that’s cool.

  3. […] joe has an interesting interpretation of the killer song “how soon is now” — his theory is that morrissey is warning […]

  4. i am going to listen to all three songs and see if i get that message. the first one so far, i can see it.

    very insightful.

    nice work joe.

    • Yeah, “How Soon Is Now” is obvious isn’t it?

      “Girl afraid” is all about the two sexes not getting each other. The girl reads the young guy’s apprehension as total disinterest. The guy looks at the girl and completely misreads her as well. Neither of them get what they want!

      “Bigmouth Strikes Again” is about beta men getting angry with their partners. The anger, resentment, frustration, etc ALWAYS leaks out. So beta man digs an even bigger hole for himself.

      But he still sees himself as the martyr to his girlfriend! He’s frigging Joan of Arc!

  5. also, congratulations on switching to wordpress.

  6. Not that I care what he calls his sexuality, but Morrissey has so obviously porked men. I think he gets off on his mercurial image too.

    • Badger, whenever my girlfriend sees a student dressed like an emo kid or a hipster in Liverpool city centre she’ll point him out to me and go “he’s got to be gay” and I’ll say “don’t be so sure”. Actually, she says that about nearly any young man who doesn’t have a shaved head and wear a tracksuit.

      I think that Morrisey is probably asexual. I read him as more of a lesbian than anything else 😉

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