Just say “no” to marriage kids. Have a good weekend!


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  1. commenter99 Says:

    lol. That is exactly my philosophy on marriage. Except I dont mind going to others weddings, free food and drink, drunk horny chicks, not a bad afternoon

    • I think the last time I got invited to a wedding was six years ago. My chunky cousin was getting hitched to her beta provider. It was a few hundred miles away so I didn’t go.

      • It’s a very interesting question, although rather more serious than second rate comedian Stanhope can handle: would marriage (government licensed or not) be created–in Western civilization–if it weren’t already?
        I conclude it would.
        Not that I think men should get married, I agree: marriage is a huge risk right now.
        But I’m talking civilizationally, if you will.

      • Fred, you say “government licensed or not” but isn’t that the whole point that Doug was making in the video?

        If two individuals want to commit to each other and take whatever vows they want, in whatever religious or secular context, why get the state involved?

  2. I totally agree that the government should have nothing to do with marriage. Everyone goes on about “separation of church and state” yet the church bows to the government on its own sacrament. Doesn’t make sense. Except of course there’s money to be made – especially through divorce.

  3. Good advise;young marriages never work.

  4. Joe,

    There are very specific reasons why government is involved in licensing marriage: first and foremost is the protection of the offspring involved. By licensing a marriage, the state forces the parents so licensed to legally be on the hook for caring for the offspring of that union. This is important because if the parents don’t, guess who will now have to step in, in loco parentis? That’s right, the State, either by feeding and caring for the children either now (welfare, foster care, etc.) or later (the resulting criminal behavior when the State also ends up paying for the child while incarcerated in various penal institutions). Society pays if the parents are lax or absent.

    The State understands and accepts the idea that marriage between a man and a woman is the only type of union that is best for raising stable future tax-payers. It is in the State’s interest to subsidize and license such an endeavor; in fact, one can say it’s a way for the State to ensure its own continued survival. It’s purely selfish.

    Natural marriage is the foundation of a civilized society (ask me sometime about my experience being born and growing up in sub-Saharan Africa). Natural marriage is healthier for the participants (the longer they live, the longer they pay taxes), as borne out by research and experience.

    Natural marriage civilizes men. Unmarried men, by and large, cause more problems for society than married men.

    Natural marriage protects women. A woman, once she decides to have a child, is effectively “out of the market” economically for as long as she’s raising that child. If she doesn’t have the economic wherewithal (and she probably won’t), either the State ends up paying to raise that child or the legal husband does. Guess which one the State wants?

    I’m going to restate this one: let’s also not forget that the State needs to encourage an adequate replacement rate. Most Western countries have a declining replacement rate (including England). Some Italian towns are paying their young couples to have children. Don’t get me started about Japan. Marriage encourages this.

    These are the only reasons I can think of right now. I’m sure I can think of more if I push myself.

    • Fred, I don’t think that the British state is doing anything to encourage me to get married right now. Quite the reverse in fact.

      As for the provisoning of children, this is one area where couples could come to their own financial arrangements in advance!

      Talking of demographics, Britain’s population is still growing slowly due to net inward migration.

      On the whole, wealthy or highly skilled people are leaving. Poor immigrants are taking their place.

      Having more babies or getting married isn’t really the solution to that. Its a systemic political problem.

    • “Natural marriage civilizes men.”

      Honest to God, Fred, I just want to punch you so fuckin’ bad that the lights go out of your dead little eyes.

  5. Now, that said: I still think you’re in for a v rough time of it if you marry for the wrong reasons (I wanted to also add young, but that’s not always true). If you don’t have and understand game, you’re an idiot if you marry a modern Western woman.
    Your life will be hell if you’re not an Alpha husband. Your children—if the stupid girl lies allows you near her hair hole and lies still enough to conceive then doesn’t secretly abort—will end up hating your dumb beta ass. In other words, better to remain unmarried than end up a beta schlump in a bad marriage.

  6. […] not a fan of the institution of marriage myself, but the idea of parental match-making for LTRs is still […]

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