Nicky G’s Sixty Day Challenge

Nicky G from At Liberty, At Leisure has a Sixty Day Challenge for the readers of In Mala Fide.

If I understand him correctly, the competition starts on June 6th and finishes sixty days after that.

I left a comment on his challenge, but it looks like I’ve committed myself to reaching the goal a little earlier – July 30th.

Never mind, its still doable!


4 Responses to “Nicky G’s Sixty Day Challenge”

  1. Is this for anyone?And what is it based on(details)?

    • I think the idea is that is that you set a definite goal for yourself – any fitness, health or Game related goal by the sounds of it – commit to that goal, then write up your experience in 60 days time. Nicky judges the best one. I think that’s how it works!

  2. The primary goals are for health. The secondary goals are more personal. It doesn’t have to be about Game. I’am going to quit smoking. Whoever has made the biggest improvement gets the prize. Sorry Joe, I’ve been busy lately.

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