In the comments of a previous post, Bobby wrote:

The years don´t pass in vain. I used to look at a nice set of tits and ass and kinda dwell on it. Now I just think to myself ¨well isn´t that nice¨ and move on. I am not obsesively thinking about there being a pussy between those legs. Anymore, these thoughts leave my brain about as fast as they entered. Honest to god, I am enjoying my maturity; I feel so much more relaxed. Oh, and life is becoming more and more about ME.

Joe, that cat and I have alot in common.

I’ll turn forty in a couple of years and I think I know what Bobby’s talking about there.

Tranquility. Repose. Rest. Calm. Peace.

Although I don’t know what’s around the next corner any more than a man half my age I am much better at putting things into context now.

Carl Sagan has a neat way of spelling it out:


18 Responses to “Context”

  1. When you’re younger, you and your buddies sit around and talk about pussy.

    When you’re older, you and your buddies sit around and talk about your ailments.

    That’s how you know.

  2. Bobby Says:

    I am a couple of years beyond forty. I think all young men should take some comfort in knowing that they will continue to gain more and more control in the realm of mating until at which point there may be a decline, but by that time, they will care less and less about it all.

    After which point the concern may be with health as NickyG hints at above.

    • I remember reading a cool story in a bodybuilding magazine back in the 1990s.

      There was this elderly man who went to his doctor complaining of low mood, irritability, fat gain, tiredness and muscle weakness.

      The doctor did a full physical on him with blood work and sure enough the old man’s testosterone levels were shown to be very low.

      The doctor prescribed him regular injections of an anabolic steroid. I think it was Sustanon 250.

      Within a couple of months, the old guy reported more energy, stronger muscles and better mood.

      The doctor asked about his sex drive. The old man said that hadn’t returned. So the doctor offered to double the dose of T to get him horny again.

      The old man flatly refused saying that he didn’t want to worry about sex any more that at his age.

      I don’t blame him!

  3. Bobby Says:

    What amazes me is the occasional old horn dog you meet. The road that I seem to be going down is best; no late-life female need for me, thank you very much. I want to take long naps in the afternoon, I want to piddle around in the kitchen cooking something, I may want to start enjoying marijuana, I heard chewing coca leaves is good( snorting coke would be too good, way too good), I want to continue to enjoy riding a bicycle, I want to go to thailand for a months worth of massages( really, just massage), I want to make a garden, maybe I could get into video games.

    Did you notice a trend:

    Me, Me, Me


    I expect to become an activist and get into peoples faces to save my country from some of it´s excesses( as an old man, I may have more moral authority).

    I will not be going silently into that long goodnight.

    The second half of my life is going to be rude.

    There is a liberation of me and my kind that will scare the bejesus out of society. This man-child or senior-child is going to be demanding.

    How is it that you used to answer Kay Hymowitz at the old blog Joe?

    • I think it was:

      “Avoiding marriage, mortgages, children and stable careers since forever. I am Kay Hymowitz worst nightmare.”

      I salute you for taking an interest in the future of your country too. People the world over are getting sick of statism. They want liberty!

      • Bobby Says:

        “Avoiding marriage, mortgages, children and stable careers since forever. I am Kay Hymowitz worst nightmare.”

        Now that´s what I´m talkin´ about.

        I love it.

        Ya know, alot of complaining in the manosphere; things really aren´t so bad and the future is going to be even better.

        Here is an essay that helped me to see things differently, I will share it with you all,

        Oh, and you can bet, I am a ¨don´t tread on me¨ type.

      • Ron Paul 2012 for the win!

        American liberty activists are on the global front line. You’re the vanguard. Like it or not. Taking down the Federal Reserve is like blowing up the Death Star.

  4. Bobby Says:

    Of course I am a Ron Paul supporter; however, I don´t care about the fed so much. Everything can be accounted for and put into CONTEXT and valued somehow. Maybe it´s time the world re-valued U.S. debt? But, ya know what, speaking of context,

    At times the U.S. economy looks bad. Then someplace else has worse news ,and you begin to think they are beaten. And you soon realize how bad everyplace is. But then, you realize, life has never been so good as it is now ,and the future is going to be great.



    Is the fed making me poorer?

    Is the U.S. government going to screw me over?

    Am I soo under there thumb that they can get to me?


    Avoiding marriage, mortgages, children and stable careers since forever. I am Kay Hymowitz worst nightmare.

    Who elses worst nightmare am I.

    And I am about to receive a huge bolstering of moral superiority for just simply my longevity.

    So, does all of this have me under it´s thumb, or am I about to squash it with my thumb?

  5. I like this post, and its not all about age, its about perspective too. I’m 23 and already starting to look at the world like this. I’m able to think about what I want rather then what would get me laid. I read the blogs and tweets of other gamers and I cant help but think about how much of their precious resources they’re putting into all of it.

    • Bobby Says:

      In that Captain Capitalism piece, he estimates that young men spend an equivalent of 4 years working at a job trying to woo women to little avail. It reminds me of my first serious relationship; the late nights that I spent romancing her( lots of lost sleep), the long calls when we didn´t see each other( what on earth did we have to talk about?), some of the worst sex of my life( some of the best effort if not best technique on my part).


      it makes me tired just thinking about it.

      • Exactly. About 2 weeks ago I ended a 1 month relationship with a girl to realize there was nothing about her I really liked other then the fact she fucked me on the first night we met. After that the magic was fake and I was convincing myself to stick around.

        Im looking around more and more and seeing ugly American girls everywhere I go. Exposure to the manosphere has bittered me a bit, but only in regards to “normal society” . I’m tired to spending time on chasing girls who will only be a let down.

        I dont know how many weekends I’ve spent watching something boring on TV with a girl and all I could think was “I’d be happier if she wasn’t here”

        Maybe this feeling is the next step of evolution. Maybe more men will go this way and we’ll socially phase women out, using them for pleasure and reproduction, and thats all.

      • Bobby Says:

        Let me take that back, her sex was the worst of all that would follow( and probably all that are yet unknown; there is no effort that is too slight that i would waste for such insipid sex, one way or the other, there will not be such uninteresting sex in my future). In the ¨Context¨ of what would follow, I would just as soon skip the two years of fucking her once a week.

      • Bobby Says:

        Oh Chad,

        I can´t help but think that more interesting things are going to be in your future.

        I mention wanting to skip the above woman, but almost all of the rest have been worthwhile.

        Don´t expect much of American or other Western Women; enjoy the easy fucks they throw. Lot´s of pumpin and dumpin in 21st century America; NO Marriage, Probably NO Reproduction.

        Just pleasure Chad,

        just pleasure

  6. Phoenix Says:

    We’re coming close to 7 billion people on this planet. Resources are getting limited, so everyone is being more agressive to obtain them.

    Have fun with your life by minimizing expenses to get laid. Sure, we get horny and it’s of our nature to mate. But building a family is the most serious business which will take away your financial freedom to a great extent. All these idiots without an education are reproducing and taking welfare checks for it.

    • Yes, if the state keeps handing out the dough, they’ll keep having babies.
      The coming financial crunch is bound to have savage social consequences.

      However, it is worth noting the obvious. A college education is no longer the cast iron guarantee of employment that it once was.

  7. I am an idiot with education. In 2 years I will have a stinking Bachelor of Arts diploma and no money . Captain Capitalism is probably right about the education bubble. WIsh I had known. Sociology was a shocking indoctrination course ( I ran after week 4) ; Lotsa ladies though .CONTEXT.

    • There are two big causes of the education bubble.

      1. There are more graduates than there are jobs that really require a university education to do them.

      2. Chronic inflation and artificially low interest rates caused by central bank policy creates strong incentives not to hold cash. Any avenue of investment, no matter how dubious, appears to be a better bet that watching inflation erode the value of savings. This creates bubble after speculative bubble in just about every sector.

  8. I would’ve liked to have had children. Who’s going to take care of me in my old age? I’m starting to notice that my mother is getting the same traits my grandfather had when he got old. She’s telling me the same story a million times, her hearing is gone (so she shouts at me), she get’s events and people mixed up, and she can’t drive at night because she can’t see. After she’s gone I’ll have no family. It doesn’t worry me, I just think about it from time to time.

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