Narcissism Is Good.

Lathe of Heaven asked a great question in the comments.

Remember, the fastest way to become a believer in one’s own HV, in absence of evidence, is to become a self-centered, narcissistic jerk; in fact, believing excessively in your own value without evidence is practically the definition of narcissism. Do you really want to risk leading the omegas into this temptation?

Fuck YES!

That’s exactly what I want Omegas to do. Is there any good reason to hate yourself?

Fuck NO!

I am 100% deadly serious about this.

Roissy Maxim #30: When in doubt, ask yourself “WWJD?” What Would a Jerk Do? Then do that.


9 Responses to “Narcissism Is Good.”

  1. One tool I think all Alphas use is that they almost always talk bigger then they are, but their drive leads them to get as big as they talk so they can then talk even bigger down the road.

    Most betas do the inverse, talking smaller then they are, and then they begin to believe and accept that and become that smaller person.

    I remember years ago when I was a VHS contender, I would get compliments a lot but I would always “well yeah, its not that great…” them down, until one day a friend of the family complimented my cooking and I started that he and looked me right in the eye and just said “take the damn compliment son!”

    It was that exact moment I realized what I had been doing to myself most of my life.

    There’s also an aspect of social mirroring too, where how you present yourself is how people will see you (which sounds really obvious until you’re on the negative side of that)

    • Definitely.

      Its like the housing market.

      If I try to sell a mansion for £2000, everyone would think “what’s wrong with it?”

      I guarantee that no-one would think “fucking bargain!”

      Its the same story with the dating market.

      If I put a big price tag on myself its quite likely that girls would say “he’s not all that…”

      But I will never recieve more than my “asking price”.

  2. I dunno? I always prefer to look under the hood.

  3. Sure. If a girl thinks she’s hot but she’s not, you’ll avoid her.

    But if a guy who has everything going for him acts like he’s worthless, women will either exploit his weakness or steer clear of him.

  4. Quite uplifting post

  5. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with narcissism, as long as it’s justified; unattractive, unqualified, and uninteresting people who are narcissistic annoy the poop out of me

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