The End.

Oh shit. What a day. It started innocently enough.

An explosive arguement broke out in the afternoon. A hastily packed suitcase. An evening spent brooding on a train. Hugs from my mother on the other side of the country.

So much for Relationship Game. If Athol Kay and Keoni Galt can make their marriages work then I take my hat off to them. If I made one big mistake it was a simple failure to screen for the right woman in the first place.

I gave Jane a second chance in the new year. She blew it. Every man has his line in the sand. Only so many warnings can be given. If she crosses the line am I meant to draw another? And another? And another?

Stick a fork in me. I’m done. Not just with Jane, but with LTRs as well. If being alone means living in modest circumstances then so be it. I’ll manage.

I’ll definitely continue blogging. Just not with the “workshy joe” handle. Jane knew about my writing from the get-go so I need a clean break. The manosphere hasn’t seen the last of me. I’ll be back soon with a new handle to match my new circumstances.

I’ll see you on the other side.


74 Responses to “The End.”

  1. Well, first, sorry to hear your pain, but If she crossed a line, whatever it was, and you called it quits, congrats. So congrats, bro. Ending a bad thing is a good thing. You have been sort of hinting this for a while ( that fleshlight comment)

    “So much for Relationship Game.”

    You cant “game” a woman into her senses. Game helps you deal with her, but it wont change her. So you are right, first step is to really, really screen the shit out of her before committing.

    “I’m done. Not just with Jane, but with LTRs as well.”

    Meh. I have said the same. I will probably say it again.

    Take it easy bro.

  2. Will you be taking your blogs down?

    Good luck dude.

    • No, I’ll leave both the old blogs up.

      I’ll just start with a new handle and a new blog. I’ll email you when I’m up and running again.

      Thanks man.

  3. This really sucks, Joe 😦

    I hope you bounce back soon – and of course, when you do, we’ll be here 🙂

  4. Sucks to hear that, but i second Yohami’s words, there comes a time when you have to call it off and walk away because that’s the best choice.

  5. Keoni Galt Says:

    Good luck Joe…you have to remember that no matter what you do, how hard you try and how much effort you put forth, it still takes her to respond and put forth her own effort too.

    My marriage only works because she wants it to work too…but she could change her mind at any time as women are want to do.

    Best of luck..

  6. Douglos Says:

    My sympathies, man. Ending even a bad relationship is never easy. Best wishes.

  7. Joe, I understand. Take heart. Survival and not putting up with shit are good objectives.

    • That’s true. I’ve learned so much from the guys in the manosphere. My mindset is so much healthier than the last time I was single.

      • If I was a woman and you were a woman and I was consoling you about the demise of the relationship, I’d rev up my hamster and then I’d say, “It is not YOU it is HIM. It is his loss and he didn’t deserve you anyway. You will find a much better man that is worthy of you. In fact I never liked him anyway, but I didn’t say that because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Men are so difficult and good men are so hard to find. Even what looks like a good man often turns out to be a pig. But I just know that you will find Mr. Right next time. You go Girl!”

        In fact Jane’s friends are telling this to Jane now.

      • Perhaps that’s the key point here, from a healthier mindset you’re more likely to find a healthier relationship, do as Yohami says, screen for BS harder now that you can identify it with far more ease than before, good luck man, we’ll be here when you return.

      • Thanks guys.

      • CSPB brings up something interesting. Maybe we could take a page from women´s playbook.

        I´m looking forward to Joe 3.0 too.

        Oh, if Roosh can live in his dad´s basement, can you live in mom´s? Might make life a little easier.

      • @Bobby: I got the spare room. Yeah baby!

      • Remember, since society gives you no little or no value for these things; avoid marriage, mortgages, children and stable careers forever. You are Kay Hymowitz worst nightmare

      • Definitely. Even more so now that I’m not even co-habiting!

  8. Joe:

    Good on you! Your comment about screening for the right woman is so spot on, and, as in chess, rather than pushing a bad position, better to resign and come back resilient and better educated.

    I’d say good luck, but it’s not just that is it? 😉

  9. I’m really sorry to hear this, Joe. It’s smart to kill what doesn’t work, but it doesn’t make it any less painful. Looking forward to Joe 3.0

  10. Sorry to here that Joe, its never the end, just the next step.

  11. 1lettuce Says:

    Break ups are never easy, Joe. I’m sorry to hear it happened. Sometimes, things don’t work out.

    Your situation makes me think of teaching middle graders. When a student breaks a rule, despite numerous warnings and explanations of consequences, you HAVE to act. You HAVE to discipline them. You can’t, like you said, “draw another line in the sand”. You have to have your convictions.

    Give it time, and you’ll feel better.

    • Thanks man.

      As this is the second break-up with the same woman I’m not so sentimental about it.

      I’m looking to the future optimistically.

  12. Damn, bro. Good Luck.

    Looking forward to your new blog.

  13. commenter99 Says:

    sorry man. C’est la vie

  14. I’m sorry to hear about your relationship and the end of this blog. I’ve really enjoyed your writing for the past few weeks and I’d like to read your new one when it’s up. I assume you won’t be announcing it here, how will I find it?

    Game wise, wouldn’t it be a better idea to let her continue to know about your exploits through your blog? Promote a little jealousy and regret

    • Ohhhh. That would be harsh!

      If I did that, there would be some serious blowback. I don’t want to rub her nose in it. 😉

      Keep an eye on the manosphere and watch out for hot new bloggers!

  15. ancalgon Says:

    No problem, if she’s ready to leave after *one* argument she probably wasn’t worth keepin’ in the first place.

    (The only difference is, 20-30 years ago, *everyone* in society would have been telling you this; today, it’s only the manosphere)

    Good hunting, and let me know of your next blog

    • Oh no, I left her!

      She claims that this has all come out of the blue, but I’ve warned her plenty of times about her behaviour and she just ignored what I said.

  16. Stiff upper lip, WJ. This to shall pass.

  17. Take care.

  18. Sucks but glad to hear you went out like a champ. Hit me up with your new blog/twitter handle when you get it set up.

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  20. Joe, didn’t we talk about this feeling of fake security. Well here it is.

  21. Sad to hear that Workshy. Best of luck.

  22. what did she do?

    • Oh dude, it started with such a trivial incident.

      Its escalated so rapidly because she wouldn’t take responsibility for anything.

      If I write down the whole story, it will sound utterly bizzare. The truth is so much stranger than fiction. Maybe I’ll tell you one day when we are both partying in Buenos Aires. 😉

      • “she wouldn’t take responsibility for anything.”

        that rings like 1,000,000 bells

      • “Its escalated so rapidly because she wouldn’t take responsibility for anything.”

        Trivial fights often escalate over this power struggle, or from people bringing old incidents into the fray, or both.

      • @Yohami: Yeah, its strange for guys because my first instinct is to hold my hand up and cop to misdeeds. How many women are like that?

        @Badger: It was truly sickening. She wasn’t just digging a hole for herself. It was a trench. The sad thing it didn’t look like a shit test or a power-play.

        She came off like a frightened child spinning some incredible yarn in a vain attempt to get out of trouble. I had never seen her sink that low.

        I’ll email you btw.

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  24. Just crosslinked you. Sorry to hear it but if it’s the right thing then all the best.

  25. Well, shit…

    Life happens. Joe 3.0 should be a good project for you.

    Hey, fly over to South Florida and I’ll show you a good time so you can forget your troubles.

  26. I am sorry to hear this, Joe.

    As my mother always said to me, ‘If she’s done it to you once dear, she’ll do it again’. Mother was right, but one should always give a second chance – but not a third.

  27. Oh man, big changes! Transitions are so hard, but it sounds like you were very ready to make this choice. I look forward to the new blog, keep us posted.

  28. “But you’re not losing one blog – you’re gaining another”

    funny line.

    good luck bro. we are all here for you.

    i know that sounded gay but you know what i mean.

  29. “I’ve learned so much from the guys in the manosphere. My mindset is so much healthier than the last time I was single.”

    very true.

  30. “If I write down the whole story, it will sound utterly bizzare. ”

    you should — if only for yourself.

  31. Congrats on taking the first step to making the rest of your life a hell of a lot better!

  32. Nooooo! How could this happen? I’m sure she’s remorseful. Sometimes I think of all my dramas and realize that I over-react especially when I’m stressed as hell, for example,the last two weeks of my life.

    Although I wanna hear all the dirt, I’m sure out of respect you won’t say much.
    But if you are in love, maybe it’s worth the pain…you would never know how bad things get unless you experienced how good they could be.

    Either way, I’m sure things will work out, with or without Jane…I’m excited for your new single dude game guide, I guess ur gonna be jumping back into the dating game eh?

  33. Nicky G Says:

    You’re just upset because of Jane. Once you get over her you’ll be back. When you do come back let me know so I can put up your new digs. Plenty nough time for rest in the grave.

  34. Will S. Says:

    Sorry to hear. Best of luck.

  35. Wow, just seeing this. Sorry to hear that bro. If the line was crossed then you did what you had to do. You offer great perspective on life though, so looking forward to seeing the new blog.

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